Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend with Mauro Stemberger

This weekend Ž-crew was at Mauro's places spending some time learning stuff about bonsai.
First we met at his house to see collection of great bonsai. One of the best in Europe!!! Than we went to his "bead and breakfast house" were the rest of a time we were working on trees. There were a few his Italian students with hum we did some trees and drink great "Mojitos" made by Ilaria. Thanks Ilaria!!! Mauro collects small, big and humongous first class material and his collection of raw material is worth seeing. We were doing big Pinus Mugo, helping Rudi with Pinus Silvestris, while master Sandev was having his hands full in one Buxus and Pinus.
Thanks Ilaria and Mauro for great weekend!!!