Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pinus Silvestris

Pinus sylvestris
      I have this pine fore some years now and have done few changes in styling, but never was too happy with work that I"ve done. Must say that material from the start never was a very good one. Few days ago decision was made to do something, and I think as years gone by I probably have learned something so latest work is relatively good. I"m happy!
In spring new pot will be selected. Probably rectangular and slightly lighter in color.

Dodaj naslov

Friday, November 1, 2013

Black pine

The pine was collected in spring 2009, and after two years of healthy growth I've decided to style it by wiring almost all branches and put them in a new position. At first I was satisfied with this styling, but I've realised that overall green mass was to big and it seems visually too heavy for this slender trunk, so I've removed everything except one branch this spring.

Less is More !!!

As tree has reacted very well, new work has been done. Still basic styling...


At the moment this is all that I will do...
It will seat in this pot for whole growing season of 2014 and maybe 2015 gaining strength, after it will be reported in some kind of round pot as shown on virtual. Trough this year or maybe next one more work must be done on improving deathwood and future steps towards growing and refining green mass. 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parade of raw hornbeams

This few days it's seem like summer has arrived not winter as it will soon enough...
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I took this advantage to take care some of my newest trees and trim out unnecessary branches, remove lots of top soil and cut of parts of plastic pots so i have a better view of trees. This is all done as a preparation of future work and also I dont have to do this inside and make a mess. This are all 100% raw material and at a moment not very attractive to the untrained eyes. Through winter months all of them will be styled. Power tools and wire will be there best friends.

All of them are for sale or trade.

Also yesterday I had some visitors in my garden. Wille and Alex were on holiday in Croatia, and as bonsai lovers they decided to visit Sebastian's and my garden. We had nice laughs and made some trade.

As shown on last picture I also had a special privilege to welcome master Sandev. He came to see my trees and was kind enough to give as some guidelines and suggestions.

Thank you all !!!